SIGNZ4Rent.COM offers High Resolution LED programmable message board signs at an affordable price that anyone in business
can afford! Our quality trailer mounted LED displays are bright and attractively display your message 24 hours a day. Rain, Snow
or Shine! And never ask for a lunch break...
Why LED?
Studies show that EMC (Electronic Message Centers) or Programmable LED signs are more cost effective then all
other traditional types of signs and advertising. These facts are outlined in a independent study performed by the SBA
(Small Business Administration).
Click Here to view the study..
Why Rent?
Renting an EMC a few times a year is much more affordable than owning. The average cost of a high quality LED sign
is $20,000+ and a Color LED could cost as much as two to three times more! Additionally the average life of an LED
sign is about 5 years. Plus once a sign is a permanent fixture It sometimes tends to blend into the scenery eventually
losing some of it effectiveness. Every time we drop off your rental it is a change of scenery making it more effective!
Plus you don't have to worry about the high cost of servicing a LED sign after its out of warranty. We make sure our
signs are properly maintained and reliable.